Powered roof support 1ДТ, 2ДТ, 3ДТ

- is unitized, of the supportive and protective type. It is intended for the mechanization of the processes of support and roof control in the working area of the longwall during the extraction of the flat-lying seams with the thickness of 1,1-4,1m (3 standard sizes) with the hard-to-cave roof complete with the mining machines УКД300, УКД200/250, КДК500, КДК700, РКУ10, РКУ13, 1ГШ68, 2ГШ68Б, КШ1КГУ and conveyors КСД26, КСД26В, КСД27, КСД29, СПЦ26, СП26, СП26У, СП250, СП251, СПЦ271, СПЦ230, СП301М/90, СП326.


Principal engineering and service features of the support ДТ

- high reliability and endurance ensured by the design factors of the unit and application of the high-strength materials.

Productivity and convenience in performance of operations is achieved owing to the following factors:

dual pass between the conveyor and legs of the support in the original position;

- fastening of the elements of the unit by means of the quick disconnect couplings of the choke type instead of the bolted connections;

- free access to the elements of the hydraulic system from the working area;

- increased rate of fastening due to the selection of the optimal parameters of the hydraulic system and unit as a whole.

Hydraulic system and facilities of the automatic control ensure:

group advance of the units in the «retorque-thrust» cycle. Number of the units in the group is determined by the operator of the support;

- automated advance of the individual unit in the «retorque-thrust» cycle;

- remote control of the production operations at the unit of the support from the control stations of two adjacent units;

- control of the time of the automatic advance and thrust;

- emergency stop from any unit of the support;

- on-line indication;

- independent load-carrying capacity of each leg;

- forced folding and thrust of the legs;

- pressure control of each leg;

- interchock and intrachock hosing by means of the flexible high-pressure tubing with slipping connections.

Improvement of the roof support due to following factors:

high load-carrying capacity of the support (more than 700 kN/m2);

- horizontal-compression forces formed in the immediate roof;

- short pressing consoles with high hold-down pressure (up to 1000kN) formed by the compact mechanism of force transfer from the hydraulic legs.

Main design features of the unit of the КДД support:

integral rigid skid;

- reinforced construction of the lifting gear of the skid and advancing of the side shields;

- synchronous control of the hydraulic legs;

- optimization of the design for the operation in the seams with hard-to-cave roofs.

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Parameter 1ДТ 2ДТ 3ДТ
Thickness of the serviced seams, m 1,1-1,8 1,45-2,5 2,3-4,1
Allowable angles of bedding:
-for the operations in strike of the seam, degrees 35
-for the operations in the pitch and seam rise, degrees 10
Specific resistance per 1 m2 of the supported area, kN/m2 705-800 730-840 750-850
Resistance of the unit, kN 3800-4500 3900-4890 4550-4750
Coefficient of the hydraulic separation 2,05 2,13 2,05
Advancing force of the unit, kN 392 392 640
Mounting pitch of the units, m 1,5
Pitch of advance, m 0,63 0,63 0,8
Astel factor 0,9
Overall dimensions of the unit:
-height min-max, mm 880-1800 1175-2500 2000-4100
-width, mm 1440
Weight of the unit, t, max 9,6 10,1 17,5


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